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A Jolly Holiday

Christmas tree

It has been a lovely couple of days with family, food and friends. We’ve had lots of people over, most of them staying overnight. We’ve switched out from one of my aunts to another, and it is always lovely to have my cousins around.

This year for gifting I decided to go traditional brown paper and then spice things up with yarn! Lettuce Knit declared this year the year of the pompom, so I used up some odd balls instead of using bows. For the presents that I didn’t put poms on I tied pieces of yarn around them and then trimmed the ends to the same length. I can thank More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts for the inspiration on that one.

Christmas morning

This year I gave myself a big present. A week before Christmas I took home my new toy, a Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel. I have always wanted this wheel, so when I found out that Lettuce had become a Schacht dealer, I had Meagan get me one in right away. I really like it, and I love that I have a matching little red chair to sit at while I spin.

Spinning at Christmas

I hope everyone had an excellent holiday, or weekend. I spent today working the Lettuce Knit boxing day sale, and now I’m pooped! Time for a quiet glass of wine with the family that is still in town.


A Medium Reunion

Way oh way back in October when I went to Rhinebeck, I got to talking to Kim of Indigodragonfly about yarns, designing and patterns. We were comparing the yardage of what was needed for my Reunion Cowl for her MCN Lace. We chatted about it while we were in the car before I got dropped off at the train station and hatched a wee plan. As I grabbed my things out of the trunk I grabbed* a skein of Kim’s yarn and as soon as I got back to Toronto, I got cracking.

I’ve had a lot of people saying that they love the Reunion Cowl pattern, but that the stitch count is way beyond them. I generally counter by saying that this pattern is an easy knit, it just takes a long time. However, Kim and I decided that it would be nice to have a medium size that works perfectly with one skein of a gorgeous yarn. So we made it happen. A medium Reunion Cowl was born.

A few weeks ago I met up with my friend Nick and got him to take some pictures of me wearing it for you all to see. The medium is still big enough to double around or to wear as a scarf.



Here’s the details. The pattern has been updated to include a medium size. Everyone who has bought one should receive an email with a link to the updated PDF. The medium size takes one 115g skein of MCN Lace or similarly weight yarn. You can download the pattern by clicking on the button below.

In celebration of the release and new partnership Kim has agreed to do a giveaway! Post a comment here (one per person) and we will pick a random person on Dec 31. The prize will be one copy of the pattern and a skein of MCN Lace in the colourway of your choice.

*With permission of course!

Crafty Holidays

I took photos yesterday but I can’t seem to find my card reader, so I thought I would put up some links for some excellent ideas for holiday crafts.

Posie Gets Cozy has an excellent PDF download for some sweet felt ornaments.

Soule Mama and her crew have been doing crafts this week.

Lizzy House is having a Mini Peep Boot contest. All crafts welcome!

Purl Bee is always a good place to find ideas for last minute knitting.

Oh! I almost forgot! Stephanie aka YarnHarlot just put out a new pattern called Encompass and I’m in the pictures. I can attest with personal knowledge that that is one super cozy cowl. I am seriously considering knitting myself one after the holidays.

Happy Wednesday!

Advent 7, 8, 9, 10

It’s a funny thing promising to do something on a regular basis, sometimes even the best laid plans get sidelined. This Advent project seems to be one of them. I had the best of intentions to take pictures and post this week but then one thing doubled up on the other and the next thing I knew it was Friday and I had nothing to show for it. I’ve felt quite frazzled these past few days, trying to get things ready for the holidays. As often happens these things all came to a head early this afternoon on my way home from making Stephanie’s email go away. While riding my bicycle I developed one of the worst migraines I have ever had. I was reduced to lying in bed crying while trying to fall asleep so that it would go away.

Some might say I brought it upon myself. It was one of those days where I was supposed to work four different jobs, going straight from one to the next without stopping. First Steph’s, then babysitting, then the store, then babysitting again. My mom ended up looking after the kids in the afternoon and I had to get my shift at the store covered. I’ve made it to babysitting, and I’m glad that most of it involved putting the kids to bed, and now I can sit and rest.

Advent Catch up with Clover

So here’s a catch up on Advent pockets. Clover the cat was good to sit still jsut long enough to take one picture before my camera battery died, and she decided to try and eat my yarn. The gift from these ones are to be restful, to not let the holiday season override the ability to take care of yourself first. The holidays can quickly snowball into stress that can take a toll on our bodies, minds and relationships, so don’t forget to sit back and relax every once in a while. You’ll be able to go back to whatever it is you are doing with more energy than before and everyone will thank-you for it.

Oh, and to holiday knitting. Because it wouldn’t be the holidays if there wasn’t also knitting on a deadline. Does the knitting count as a stress reliever or a stress creator this time of year….?

Snow Exciting!

Advent 6

No matter how old I get, the first snow of the season is always a wonder. That first glance out the window in the morning has been disappointing recently, but this today’s was rewarding. The park we live across from was covered in a good two inches of fluffy stuff, and more was falling. It has been snowing all day, and should continue to do so until tomorrow afternoon. It was a great day to curl up with the knitting and a cup of tea.

I did have to pop into the store for a few hours, so I got my first snowy bike ride of the season in as well. The roads were clear and there are no snow banks so it was fine.

All this fluffy stuff is very seasonally appropriate, especially since today is Sinter Klaas, the day that all good little Dutch boys and girls get gifts in their shoes. Or, since we’re all grown up here, it’s the day you rummage around in the cupboard to find the chocolate letter you know your parents bought last weekend at the Dutch import store. Yum!


Winter Cat

The cat was not too pleased with me trying to take pictures of him with a pocket around his neck, so I apologized with a bowl of milk. Since the weather turned a few days ago the cat has been whining around our back door. This would not be so bad if he was our cat, then we would let him in. Alas he is a neighbour’s cat, so he just mopes around, meowing pitifully at us to give him scratches or milk or a warm spot to sit. The few times he gets in he knows exactly where the warm spots in the house are and will beeline for the radiators. Silly kitty!

Advent 5

A Holiday Yarn

Advent 4

December is a busy month regardless of which way your festive persuasion swings. These days the shop is hustling and bustling with excitement (and a little stress) while people come in and pick out yarns for their gift knitting. One of my favourites right now is the Madeliene Tosh Merino. The semi-solid tones are gorgeous, and the stitch definition is out of this world. I love to squoosh it whenever anyone brings in some that has already been knit up. It’s just delicious!

What are you knitting with this year?