A Jolly Holiday

Christmas tree

It has been a lovely couple of days with family, food and friends. We’ve had lots of people over, most of them staying overnight. We’ve switched out from one of my aunts to another, and it is always lovely to have my cousins around.

This year for gifting I decided to go traditional brown paper and then spice things up with yarn! Lettuce Knit declared this year the year of the pompom, so I used up some odd balls instead of using bows. For the presents that I didn’t put poms on I tied pieces of yarn around them and then trimmed the ends to the same length. I can thank More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts for the inspiration on that one.

Christmas morning

This year I gave myself a big present. A week before Christmas I took home my new toy, a Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel. I have always wanted this wheel, so when I found out that Lettuce had become a Schacht dealer, I had Meagan get me one in right away. I really like it, and I love that I have a matching little red chair to sit at while I spin.

Spinning at Christmas

I hope everyone had an excellent holiday, or weekend. I spent today working the Lettuce Knit boxing day sale, and now I’m pooped! Time for a quiet glass of wine with the family that is still in town.


3 responses to “A Jolly Holiday

  1. Hi, I like what you did with the wrapping of gifts. Great job. Congrats on your present of the spinning wheel too.I cheated and got myself a wheel before the Holidays. My resolution is to spin in the New Year:-)

  2. How did you make suck perfect pompoms?! They are great. (And how do you tie them on securely? This is one of my biggest knitting issues.)

  3. Congratulations on your new wheel! What a nice spark of color…red is one of my favourites, right now. Glad your Christmas celebrations went well. Happy New Year!

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