Snow Exciting!

Advent 6

No matter how old I get, the first snow of the season is always a wonder. That first glance out the window in the morning has been disappointing recently, but this today’s was rewarding. The park we live across from was covered in a good two inches of fluffy stuff, and more was falling. It has been snowing all day, and should continue to do so until tomorrow afternoon. It was a great day to curl up with the knitting and a cup of tea.

I did have to pop into the store for a few hours, so I got my first snowy bike ride of the season in as well. The roads were clear and there are no snow banks so it was fine.

All this fluffy stuff is very seasonally appropriate, especially since today is Sinter Klaas, the day that all good little Dutch boys and girls get gifts in their shoes. Or, since we’re all grown up here, it’s the day you rummage around in the cupboard to find the chocolate letter you know your parents bought last weekend at the Dutch import store. Yum!



One response to “Snow Exciting!

  1. The first snow is always exciting! Although at the moment I’m hoping for no more, since I have a flight next week and the UK seems incapable of dealing with snow….

    I love the fuzzy little bag. Very wintery and Christmassy!

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