Winter Cat

The cat was not too pleased with me trying to take pictures of him with a pocket around his neck, so I apologized with a bowl of milk. Since the weather turned a few days ago the cat has been whining around our back door. This would not be so bad if he was our cat, then we would let him in. Alas he is a neighbour’s cat, so he just mopes around, meowing pitifully at us to give him scratches or milk or a warm spot to sit. The few times he gets in he knows exactly where the warm spots in the house are and will beeline for the radiators. Silly kitty!

Advent 5


3 responses to “Winter Cat

  1. The poor baby! Maybe the owner’s don’t know about Kitty’s wandering around looking for a warm spot? I’m sure if they knew, they’d be less likely to turn Kitty out of doors. You know that feeding her will keep her coming back; but at least you’ll know she’s not starving.

  2. There’s a cat like that who lives downstairs in my apartment building. I mentioned to her owner that she spends a lot of time mewing and trying to get into her apartment, and the “owner” said that she would appreciate all the help she could get taking care of the poor thing.

  3. If you let him in, he would be your cat. 🙂 Cats are notorious for moving when it suits them.

    Kudos for letting him have a warm spot sometimes! He may not be neglected, but it looks like he prefers your house.

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